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by posted 05/31/2020

Return to play expectations and best practices.


**it is the expectation that Eden Prairie Fastpitch /Arctic Blast players and families will follow all local and state guidelines as well as facility and association guidelines for all Arctic Blast activities. **


Eden Prairie Fastpitch / Arctic Blast expectations are fluid and not limited to the steps below. We will continue to monitor all federal/State/Local guidelines and adjust accordingly. When adjustments to the practice expectations document are made that impact players/parents/coaches, an updated document will be emailed to parents/players/coaches.


Prior to practice

1)      If a player is not feeling 100% that player is not allowed to attend practice. Symptoms include but are not limited to fever, chills, general achiness, shortness of breath, etc.

2)      Players should practice social distancing and limit carpooling if able.

3)      Players/Coaches are expected to wash/sanitize hands prior to arriving to practice.

4)      Parents/spectators are not allowed only players and coaches.


During practice

1)      Any physical contact will be avoided as best as it can be.

2)      Players will not be using the dugouts. Bat bags and equipment will be hung on the fences down a baseline ensuring distances are kept.

3)      There will be no individual equipment shared amongst players. Players are expected to have all their own individual equipment.

4)      Players can wear an PPE that they choose if it doesn’t compromise the safety of any/all participants at practice.

5)      Practices will be held in pods on a field. The number of individuals allowed on a playing field is dictated by MDH according to the amount of square footage of the field. With our traditional fields at Miller allowing up to 30 players. We will limit practice to a single team (13 players and up to 3 coaches) utilizing a single field and the practice pod methodology. No matter the number of players all social distancing expectations will be in place.

6)      Any individual (player or coach) that begins to feel ill during practice will be removed.

7)      There will be a ban on the use of sunflowers seeds.

8)      All players will be asked at the end of practice to wash/sanitize hands prior to leaving the facility.


Post practice

1)      Parents and players are asked to monitor their health and if any concerns should arise they should contact their coach immediately.

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