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Start of Scrimmages
by posted 06/28/2020


With the start of scrimmages this week and us hosting there is some information that I need to get out to you before our first scrimmages Wednesday night. There are a number of adjustments to normal that we have made to assure the safety of players, spectators, and officials. The adjustments are;

1) The area from behind the dugout on the third base side to the end of the dugout area on the first base side will be off limits to anyone other than players and coaches.

2) Umpires will be placed behind the pitcher. There will be one umpire per game and we will be using gold league umpires.

3) Teams will be asked to provide and use their own supplied softballs. This is a bit odd but it works.

4) Spectators are limited to the the grass areas between fields 5 & 6 and outside the perimeter fence and are asked to maintain all social distancing guidelines.

5) Concessions - At this time we are awaiting MDH direction and if at all will be opening concessions for pre packaged items only.


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