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Softball 6/28-7/5
by posted 06/30/2020

Hi families!

Well, we tried to have a practice on SUN, and good ol' Mother Nature still wants to only raining during practice... not hours before, not hours later... during.  

  • TUE 6/30- Practice - it's HOT, HOT, HOT! make sure the girls have plenty of water; shorts/tank tops acceptable
    • 5:30-6:30 hittnig instruction with Sam Macken, batting cages
      • arrive at 5:15-5:20 for warmups/stretches in left field,  field 4
    • 6:30-7:30 team practice, Miller 7
    • NO pitcher/catcher practice - it's too dang humid; get the girls back into some AC
      • pitchers/catchers welcome to stay, if they desire- won't be organized practice.
  • THU 7/2- Scrimmage ("game" that win/loss doesn't matter)
    • 5:30 warmups
      • would love to have someone chalk the field; text me if you're willing
    • 6:15 game1 vs Waconia 
    • 7:30 game2 vs Waconia
    • parents cannot sit behind the backstop or anywhere there isn't grass
      • can sit along the fence beyond 1B/3B (where there's grass) or behind the fence in the outfield (outside the park)- personally, the view from the side gets kinda obstructed when sitting along the fence. and the outfield is only 200' from home
    • concessions may not be open; building may not be open; water fountains are still off; Miller will have the portable bathroms, and make sure th girls have plenty of water
  • SUN 7/5 - Practice
    • 4:30 pitching instruction with Alex Walker, field 7
      • parents of pitchers catch
    • 5:00 catcher practice (take over for parents, after pitcher get through warmups)
    • 5:30-7:30 team practice

Thanks all!

Coaches Jen and Lou

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by posted 06/26/2020

Hi families!

Another thing to look forward to when the girls start competing in 14U and high school softball: metal cleats!

Softball.com has a great pair of Mizuno cleats for $70. Not sure how long this sale will last.


EPHS and EP Fastpitch colors, obviously, are black, red, white; if you're leaning towards Arctic Blast for 14U club ball, they've used white, black, columbia blue and grey for colors. 

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12-Black softball: 6/14-6/21
by posted 06/14/2020

Hi families

Looking forward to the next 8 days:

  • SUN 6/14 - Practice, Miller 6, 5:30-7:30; pitchers/catchers until 8:00pm
  • TUE 6/16- Practice, Miller 6, 5:30-7:30; pitchers/catchers until 8:00pm
    • PARENT MEETING 5:30pm - schedule for July / August
  • THU 6/18- Practice, Miller 6, 5:30-7:30; pitchers/catchers until 8:00pm
  • SUN 6/21 - NO PRACTICE (Father's Day)
    • Historically, we'd have played in a tournament and wouldn't have had practice in the evening of Father's Day anwway. 

Please make plans to attend a parent meeting on TUE 6/16 at 5:30. We'll talk while the kids do their warmups. We'll go over what July and August looks like for us, and we might have time to cover a few things about 14U "club" softball and 14U "association" softball (players with 2007 birthdays are eligible for 14U "at the conclusion of the summer 12U season"). 

Coaches Jen and Lou

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More info - practice TUE 6/2
by posted 06/01/2020

Hi families!

Here is the latest info. I've got everyone's waivers, but I need another form from you (please, thank you! link- I've gotten forms from some of you already). If you can get it to me before practice, great. Let me know if you are just gonna have your daughter bring it with her, so I can mark it on my sheet.

  • TUE 6/2 : Miller 7
    • 5:30-7:30pm - full team practice
    • 7:30-8:00pm (or whenever they want to stop) - pitcher/catchers
    • Arrival: no earlier than 5:20pm
      • Check temperatures before you leave the house; anyone who doesn't feel 100%, please keep them at home.
      • No one uses the dugout. everyone hangs their gear 6' apart from the next player, on the infield side of the fence
        • pitchers/catchers: 1B side
        • everyone else: 3B side
    • Parents are restricted from entering Miller Park, sorry. 
    • Tomorrow is supposed to be HOT! We'll have plenty of water breaks. 
      • FYI- in typical MN weather, storms/rain is due around 6:00pm tomorrow...

Send any questions you have about how practices will be managed to both Jen and myself (contact info below).

We'll be tracking attendance to document exposure risks.
The concession building will NOT be open. Girls will need to use the Biff's. 
The water fountains at Miller have NOT been turned on, so be sure that your daughter brings plenty of water to practice.

SSU Play mobile app; download it if you don't already have it. If you've had it, our 2020 summer team won't show up unless you log out of the mobile app first; then log back in with the email and password you use for the epfastpitch.com website. We'll use that short-notice communication (rain-out: come pick up your kids, practice canceled, etc).

  • Jen Hendrickson, jenhendrickson75@gmail.com, 612-735-0438
  • Lou Liu, louinmn@hotmail.com, mobile 952/201-5507

We're excited to see everyone tomorrow!!

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2020 Summer Team Announcement
by posted 04/15/2020

Hi families!

As all of you are aware, the current health crisis has pushed back a LOT of our softball plans back, including team announcements. But, CONGRATULATIONS! Your daughter has been rostered to the 2020 Eden Prairie 12U Black softball team! You may log into the epfastpitch.com website and view the full team roster; I’m sure you’ll recognize a LOT of the same names and faces over the past 5-6 years, since 8U softball or even In-House softball. No matter how often and differently the players of our team have been split up into different teams and different seasons over the past years, we’re finally together in ONE team! It has truly been an honor for us to be part of your daughter’s softball experience in Eden Prairie Fastpitch.

Your coaches for this summer, whenever we are allowed to start, will be Jen Hendrickson, Lou Liu and Ryan Black. Obviously, everything is in a state of flux, so it’s hard for us to do any planning, let alone getting together to do any planning. We will keep you apprised of new information when it becomes known (it’s nice to have an EP Fastpitch softball commissioner on the coaching staff).

Until we can get together for a Parent/Athlete/Coach meeting, know that we’re antsy for softball and we wish for all of you to remain safe and healthy. If any of you have questions, feel free to reach out to both of us:

  • Jen Hendrickson, jenhendrickson75@gmail.com, 612-735-0438
  • Lou Liu, louinmn@hotmail.com, 952/201-5507

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