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Summer Classic Tournament Info
by posted 05/18/2022

Hi families!

This weekend comes our second tournament, Waite Park Summer Classic! If you're not going to Spring Fling on Friday, be sure to go to EP Night at the Park at Miller Park! It's the last day of the EP High School softball season, and we celebrate the last high school regular season game for EIGHT seniors!! Hard to pass up free hotdogs, lemonade and ice cream! Plus, I'm hearing that the Grand Prize in this year's raffle will be a composite bat, available only to EP Fastpitch players!! Have your daughters wear their 2021 jersey (save this year's for the weekend). 

Summer Classic Tournament

  • SAT May 21 - SUN May 22
    • River's Edge Park, Waite Park
  • Tournament website 
  • Tournament updates: lpsmn.com (Events-> Waite Park Summer Classic)
  • Tournament rules
  • 4 game guarantee, 70-min games, no new inning after 65 min
    • ​Pool games CAN end in ties
  • Run-rule
    • 5 runs per inning 
    • 12 runs after 3 innings
    • 10 runs after 4 innings
    • 8 runs after 5 innings
  • ​Games
    • Pool Game 1
      • Miller Builders Field
      • 9:30am warmups, warmup location TBD
      • 10:40am start, vs Waite Park Red
    • Pool Game 2
      • Kwik Trip 2
      • 3:00pm warmups, warmup location TBD
      • 4:00pm start, vs Annandale White
    • Pool Game 3
      • Miller Builder Field
      • 6:00 warmups, warmup location TBD
      • 6:40pm start, vs Bemidji Blaze

Good luck this weekend!
Coaches Lou, Eric and Ashley

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Shake the Lake Tournament Info
by posted 05/06/2022

Hi families!

We are one day away from our first 2022 weekend tournament, Shake the Lake! Good time to get you tournament info, huh?

Shake the Lake Spring Tournament

  • SAT May 7 - SUN May 8
  • Ponds Athletic Complex
    • 17000 Toronto Avenue SE, Prior Lake
  • Tournament website 
  • Tournament updates: Tourney Machine mobile app
  • Tournament rules
  • 4 game guarantee, 70-min games
  • Run-rule
    • 5 runs per inning 
    • 15 runs after 3 innings
    • 10 runs after 5 innings
    • UNLIMITED runs- 12U in Gold Bracket games
  • Games
    • Pool Game 1
      • Field 2
      • 6:45am warmups
      • 8:00 start, vs Farmington
    • Pool Game 2
      • Field 2
      • 9:30am start, vs Wayzata Gold
    • Pool Game 3
      • Field 1
      • 12:30pm start, vs Prior Lake White

Historically, parking at the Ponds is atrocious, but we're on the upper fields all day SAT. The parking lot east of Field 2 is a convenient option

Good luck this weekend!
Coaches Lou, Eric and Ashley

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Practice Schedule MON 4/18- SUN 4/24
by posted 04/15/2022

Hi families!

I found some practice space for next week. I've added some indoor practices to our schedule. This is the broad view:

  • TUE 4/19 PITCHERS, 6:00-7:30pm, Eden Lake Elementary gym
    • elementary school gyms are too small for full team practice, so I've arranged indoor space and a time for pitchers to practice. I will work with pitchers and any catchers in attendance; we will develop a warmup routine for pitching practice and pre-game; work pitch signs; track progress 
    • pitchers need a parent catcher if a player catcher is not available (otherwise you can scoot and come back later); catchers are encouraged to get extra reps catching for pitchers
    • pitchers/catchers should RSVP; other players don't need to
  • WED 4/20 PITCHERS, 6:00-7:30pm, Eden Lake Elementary gym
    • pitchers need a parent catcher if a player catcher is not available; catchers are encouraged to get extra reps catching for pitchers
    • pitchers/catchers should RSVP; other players don't need to
  • FRI 4/22 TEAM Practice, 6:00-8:00pm, EPHS Activity Center
    • hopefully this is our last indoor practice!!
    • RSVP if not attending
  • SUN 4/24, possible scrimmage; time, opponent, location TBD
    • let us know if you know your daughter isn't available (likely a mid-afternoon game, cuz it'd be warmer)

We are 17 days away from our first softball game action, and 22 days away from our first tournament action. Please remind your daughters to remain focused during the few practices we have. It's hard work at the beginning and will lead to success farther down the road. 

Coaches Lou and Eric

  • Lou 952/201-5507
  • Eric 612/251-4370

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Waite Park Tournament Hotel
by posted 04/13/2022

Hi families!

Coaches have selected a hotel for the team to use for the Waite Park Summer Classic Tournament. I'll communicate tournament info just before the week of the tournament, but we need families to book their hotel room in the next couple weeks. All rooms MUST be booked before Friday, May 6, 2022 at the tournament rate. 


  • Quality Inn 
    • 4040 2nd St S, Saint Cloud
  • Check in May 20
  • Check out May 22, 11:00am
  • Reservation Link: https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/YS79R3 
    • Group Name: Eden Prairie Fastpitch
      Group Number: YS79R3
      Group Billing Options: Guest is responsible for all charges.
    • Room Type: No Smoking, 2 Queen Beds
      Number of Rooms: 10
      Number of Occupants: 4
      Daily Rates: $129.00

Connected to the hotel: House of Pizza (formerly an Old Chicago); across the parking lot: Boulder Tap House. 

Reminder: we check in Friday, May 20; it's Spring Fling for some players; it's Night at the Park for others. I'm planing to travel up to St Cloud after Night at the Park- I'll be watching my 2 daughters play their HS softball games. We might all arrive at different times on FRI, so we'll make plans for a team dinner on SAT. We'll figure that out closer to the date. 

Any questions? let us know!
Coaches Lou, Eric and Ashley

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Skills Training vs Team Practice
by posted 04/03/2022

Hi families!

EP Fastpitch (not coaches) has opted to put pitcher-clinic and catcher-clinic into our team schedule. Sorry for that "spam". You don't need to respond to the RSVPs for "Skills Training" notifications, but it's there for the players who ARE pitchers or catchers. 

EP Fastpitch wants pitchers to be aware, that there is time, space and a clinician available for them to improve their craft. They also want catchers to be aware, that there is a time, space and a clinician available for them to improve their craft.

Pro-tip for catchers: show up to the "pitcher clinics" to get in extra reps in receiving, blocking and throwbacks. 12U pitchers are supposed to have a parent catching- replace them. Catch for 12U pitchers who on your own team first. If they aren't there, catch for any 12U pitcher to get extra reps in. If there are no 12U pitchers, go home, but uh... pitchers for 12-Red, you better be at your Skills Training sessions... Shake the Lake is a month away- is your pitching at a competitive-enough level to give us the best chance to win that tournament? 


  • Ignore the RSVP function for Skills Training; coaches don't need to know who isn't coming/going to those
  • Watch for WHO is affected by "Skills Training" (set for Pitchers or Catchers- not position players) and WHEN (they are on separate days)
    • Catchers are welcome to show up to Skills Training for Pitchers to get extra reps in
  • Use the RSVP function for everything else

Thanks! I hope that clears up those how to process which notifications!



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EPFA Parent Meeting, Team Meeting and Spirit Store
by posted 03/30/2022

HI families!

I hope to see you at the EP Fastpitch Parent Meeting - in some ways, it's a review. Most of you have been around EP Fastpitch for a while. It's all good information and I'd love to see representation from at least one parent of each family there!

  • 6:30- 8:30
  • Eden Prairie Community Center
  • 110 Aquatics Room - use the entrance on the far left of the building (closest to Valley View); we meet in the first room immediately to the left

EP 12-Red Team PAC Meeting (Parent Athlete Coach)

The above meeting is being conducted by EP Fastpitch to talk about the softball program. This PAC meeting is our team meeting where coaches will go over our summer season with players and parents

  • TUE April 5
  • Davanni's - Eden Prairie
  • 6:15pm - ?

Call ahead (952/941-4444) on TUE evening, so they can start your order early so you're not waiting in line when we want to start the meeting (or show up earlier to order)

We're excited to see all of you again! If you cannot make to do this meeting, reach out to me and Eric. 
Lou - louinmn@hotmail.com - 9522015507
Eric - cpaericjensen@gmail.com - 6122514370

"Spirit Store" 

We're getting 2 jerseys this summer - a white tee and a red tee. We ALWAYS wear black pants for games, but since we have options for tops, it might be a nice way to incorporate different color schemes for tournaments (white top on SAT, red top on SUN). In the EP Fastpitch Spirit Store (link), i encourage you to acquire

  • multiple pants (black only)- it's a decent price so pick up a spare or two for practices or so you don't have to do laundry so often
  • a spare belt (red and black) - you'll get one each from EP Fastpitch, but it's a $5 spare- saves you time from shopping in case one gets busted, and you're desperate
  • a bunch of socks (red and black) - you'll get one pair each from EP Fastpich, but it's a steal at $4 and we'll need em!

The Spirit Store closes on April 7


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2022 Tournaments for 12-Red
by posted 03/20/2022

Hi families!

We haven't had our first practice together yet, but be advised - your coaches are already busy planning the season! We've selected the tournaments we want to play in this summer. Please mark your calendars, or reply with any conflicts asap (if there are enough conflicts where we can't field a team, we'll find a different one, but availability is already starting to run thin). 

  • May 7-8 : Shake the Lake, Prior Lake
  • May 21-22 : Waite Park Summer Classic, Waite Park (St Cloud)
    • this is our out-of town trip
    • EP Fastpitch Night at the Park happens on FRI May 20, so you'll be driving up FRI night after NatP or driving up SAT. 
    • out of town tournaments are a great team-bonding trip!
  • June 3-5 : Farmington Franzy, Farmington
    • possibility of having a FRI evening pool-play game (which also means fewer SAT games)
  • June 10-12 : Bloomington BASH, Bloomington

The summer softball regular season ends with the MN Softball State Qualifier

  • June 24-26 : location TBD
    • All teams play, but some end their season

By winning just ONE game at the State Qualifier, we earn a berth to play at the MN Softball State Tournament. 

  • July 9-10 : location TBD

We must win or place high enough at the mid-season/weekend tournaments to earn a berth to a Nationals tournament. Out intention is to play the tournaments that offer NAFA berths and play NAFA instead of Monsta.

  • July 21-24 : NAFA Northern Nationals, Eagan
    • ​This tournament runs THU-SUN
  • August 4-7 : Monsta Championships, Shoreview
    • This tournament runs THU-SUN
    • Fall Ball teams begin practices August 8 (this is main reason I prefer that, if we qualify, we end our season with NAFA, so we can have a break between summer and fall seasons)

So PLEASE... mark these weekends down for softball tournaments; and contact Eric and I if there is a conflict. Again, if there are enough conflicts during one weekend, we'll try to find another tournament on a different weekend. 

Lou Liu - louinmn@hotmail.com
Eric Jensen - cpaericjensen@gmail.com

Coaches Lou and Eric

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Congratulations and welcome!!
by posted 03/19/2022


Welcome to the Eden Prairie Fastpitch 12U Red softball team! We, Coach Eric and I, are very excited to be selected as Head Coaches for our team, and we are very excited to have Ashley Gorman on staff assisting us again this season. Together, we look forward to a highly competitive and fast-paced season. Be aware, that our division includes teams from as far away as Mankato or Maple Grove, and the possibility of playing against second-yr 12U players who may have spent their spring playing on high school softball teams. At the coaches meeting, we will do our best to arrange our schedules so that we are hosting home games against opponents who are farthest away from Eden Prairie.

Be on the lookout for announcements from EP Fastpitch and coaches in the near future, including a Parent Information Meeting. 

It is our intention to conduct our own PAC Meeting (PAC Parent Athlete Coach) at the beginning of April, where we will discuss our plans for the summer softball season, including the regular season and tournament schedule. We have our eye on an out-of-town tournament that we feel would be a good team-bonding event. 

FYI- fields won't be playable for a while yet; don't be surprised if we don't get out onto the field until mid-April but that doesn't mean we're waiting until then to practice. Coaches and softball directors are planning to conduct indoor training at whatever indoor facilities we can find (EPHS, elementary school gyms, etc).

The most important part is that we're excited to have your daughter on the team and we look forward to a productive and successful season!

Coaches Lou, Eric and Ashley

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