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Fall Ball starts this weekend!
by posted 08/19/2022

Hi families

We never did have a team meeting but that's not terrible - everyone's trying to fit that last bit of summer stuff in before school starts. So, I'll TRY (?) to keep it short?

Fall Ball Preseason is over. Our Fall Ball season start this weekend. 

  • Week 1, SUN 8/21, Ponds Athletic Complex, Prior Lake
    • 17000 Toronto Avenue SE, Prior Lake
    • 3:00, Game 1 vs Prior Lake White, Field 3
      • 1:45 arrival, location TBD- watch GroupMe
    • 4:30, Game 2 vs Westonka Black, Field 4

2022 Fall Ball schedule - all 12U games are played on SUNs

  • AUG 21, 28
  • SEP 11, 18
  • SEP 25 Fall Ball State Tournament

Count on practices to be at Miller Park on TUEs and THUs from 6:00-8:00pm, except for the week before and of Labor Day (the week before is CMS Open House- pictures, teacher greeting, etc) and the week of is the first week of school. Practices are mostly at Miller, but there are a few that will put us at neighborhood parks. Because we lose 2min of daylight every day, when we use a non-Miller Park field, we'll start at 5:30 and go until we can't see safely. 

  • TUE/THU Aug 23, 25
  • WED Aug 31
  • WED/THU Sep 7,8
  • TUE/THU Sep 13, 15
  • TUE/THU Sep 20/22

Pitchers - arrive at the park before practices or stay after to practice (whichever is convenient to you- must have adult present). 

Team composition

  • Head Coach - Lou Liu
    • mobile 9522015507
    • email: louinmn@hotmail.com
  • no official assistant coach; parent helpers
    • Lien Lee
    • Jeff Vanlangendon
    • Steve Wagner
  • 11 players
    • 8 are 2nd-year 12U players
      • 5 of these players are 7th graders and are likely to play HS softball in MAR2023
    • 3 are 1st-year 12U players/10U graduates
    • pitchers: Freya and Nora
    • catchers: Kennedy and Eve

12U softball 

  • 12" softball instead of 11"
  • pitchers pitch from 40' instead of 35'
  • regular season games are 5-run limit; tournament is NO RUN LIMIT
  • Fall Ball is not 'play to win' format, but expectations are still high. 
    • show up on time
    • it's ok to make mistakes, but do better in your next opportunity
    • pay attention during practices, execute the drills as instructed, hustle
      • goofing off will NOT be tolerated
  • practices in August will be (have been) led by HS softball players to give the girls a sense of what to expect next spring and for the 6th graders, as test of 2024
  • practices twice weekly
  • games on SUN, except Labor Day
    • count on a 75-minute pre-game warmup prior to the first game
    • games are usually usually the 12:00/1:30 block, or the 3:00/4:30 block
    • every so often when there are an odd number of teams at a park, games might stagger (12:00/3:00)
    • 65-min length, ties are allowed
  • one-day state tournament at the end of the season
    • 65-min games, international rules for ties
    • single-elimination after the first game 
      • first game win= main bracket
      • first game loss= consolation bracket
  • after each weekend, teams are re-ranked according to performance; schedules may not be announced as early as TUE prior to the weekend, with changes as late as FRI afternoon. 
    • this is to prevent 0-4 teams from playing 4-0 teams, etc
    • games canceled due to earther are not rescheduled
  • players are NOT to leave the dugout during games without coach consent - if they leave without permission, i might not let them back in. 
    • bathroom? of course, let me know first
    • need a drink from mom/dad? they need to call you over to the dugout, not leave to go to you
    • leaving to socialize? no. they have a game to play


  • players will take reps at all kinds of positions during practices. observations of performance during practices enable coaches to determine ideal positions during games. 
  • players who perform well during games will give coaches an understanding of where to place them during the State Tournament
  • regular season games are NOT play-to-win
    • coaches will execute their right to manage the game
    • players are responsible for making the plays and need to understand performance accountability
    • everyone will receive equal time on the bench, and infield/outfield
  • tournaments ARE play-to-win
    • players will be assigned to positions which give the team the best chance of success
    • some players may see more outfield than infield (vice versa)
    • some players may see more bench time
    • positional changes are determined by the situation of the game


  • website gives 2 days notification for practices - i turned off RSVP for practices; text me or put in GroupMe when you cannot attend. the expectation is that your daughter goes to practices (i keep a log of attendance)
  • website gives 2 days notification for games - please RSVP so i know who is coming and can plan lineups
  • everything else is communicated in GroupMe
  • do not coach your daughters from the stands, please. i need them focused on the field in front of them (they'll need to practice paying attention to the game when they play HS ball). parents are NOT allowed within the dugout during games without a background check on file with EP Fastpitch. 
  • we will try to have our games streamed on Facebook - find the EP Fastpitch Games group. Click if you need an invite into the private group, and send an email to epfastpitchwebmanager@gmail.com to let me know you want in (useful for relatives who want to watch but can't be at the field). 


  • one 3-hr shift is required from all families
  • use SignUpGenius to find a time suitable to your schedule
    • if you want to volunteer on the same SUN that your daughter plays? sign up for SUN
    • if you want to watch your daughter play on SUN, sign up for a shift on SAT when 10U plays
  • IF we do not have staffing to perform concessions or field maintenance shifts, we will lose our ability to host games at Miller Park. this means all EP teams will be scheduled to play elsewhere. 
  • the bulk of our budget is acquired from our concession sales, not our team fees. without concession income our fees would have to increase to offset the cost of facilities, umpires, tournaments, clinicians, etc. 
  • only the Head Coach is exempt from Volunteering; but you will see me doing it anyway. 

see? that was the short version!

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More housekeeping
by posted 08/07/2022

Hi families - 

MN Softball roster: 

This is non-negotiable; your daughter must be registered on the MN Softball roster to play the regular season games and the State Tournament. Be sure to check your Spam/Junk folders for it to arrive from "noreply@registerplay.com". 

Brandi Lokkesmoe is setting up the GroupMe for groupchat communication. If you don't already have the GroupMe app on your mobile device, please download it now. Look for an invitation for our Fall Ball team GroupMe; we'll use this method of communication instead of SSUPlay outside of the website emails. 

Sorry, if you get inundated with emails for this week. More are coming!

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Welcome to 2022 Fall Ball!!
by posted 08/07/2022

Hi families!!

Welcome to another season of fastpitch softball!! The good news is, everyone knows who I am, so no formal introductions are necessary. Our team will consist of eight 2nd-year 12s and three 1st-year 12s, and an assistant coach has yet to be determined. As you know, Fall Ball is a short season; 4 weekends of double-headers, and one weekend for the MN Softball Fall Ball State Tournament. 

Fall Ball isn't meant to be a competitive season but we have a lot of good pieces on the team. My emphasis will always be on proper skill, and being a good teammate; important keys to winning games and winning is always more fun than losing. 

Homework!! Those of you who have had me before, have your daughter re-watch these; 

  • Attitude of Gratitude (link)
  • Anatomy of a Teammate (link)
  • Control your controllables:
    1. your attitude
    2. your effort

NO ONE is above the team. 

This is our schedule:

12U double header games (Sundays)
Week 1 AUG 21
Week 2 AUG 28
Week 3 SEP 11
Week 4 SEP 18
Fall Ball State Tournament SEP 25

Please make a note of the dates, and communicate any conflicts with me as soon as possible. 

We need a team meeting- THU 8/11. 5:30pm, Miller Park. We'll go over the plan for Fall Ball- how the season works and what to expect. Count on preseason practices to be 

  • This week: TUE 8/9, THU 8/11; 6:00-8:00pm; field TBD (expect Miller)
  • Next week: SUN 8/14, TUE 8/16, THU 8/18; 6:00-8:00pm; field TBD
  • During the season, TUE/THU; 6:00-8:00pm; field TBD

My contact info:

Lou Liu

c 952/ 201- 5507

See you soon!


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Lou Liu 
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