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Volunteering (2017)

Volunteer hours are an important part of making the association successful and for keeping costs low (especially compared to the cost of many other major sports youth programs). A small amount of volunteer time is expected from all families during the season.

Volunteer Requirements

Presently, the volunteer requirements consist of 12 hours per child. Our plan is to have the following age groups work the following volunteer assignments:

8U families 3 tournament shifts (4hrs each)
10U & 12U families 1 weeknight concession shift +
2 tournament shifts (4hrs each)

A list of tournament names and dates are shown below, along with which teams should anticipate working which tournaments. 

Volunteer duties are managed by the EP Fastpitch Concessions Manager. Please understand:

  • Because tournament officials are continuing to accept team registrations up to 5 days prior to the start of a tournament, we are unable to determine the amount of coverage needed to work a tournament (and unable to notify families of a volunteer work schedule) any earlier than 5 days prior to the tournament. 
  • Once tournaments officials post the tournaments brackets, we will know how many teams are actually playing in the tournament, and when and where games are being played. We can then plan a schedule to provide enough coverage for roles needed for every day and every game of the tournament.
  • We will do her best to notify families of their volunteer assignments, 3-5 days prior to the start of any tournament. 

We completely understand all parents' desire to watch their daughter play in her softball game, and we will do our best to schedule your shift during times that your daughter isn't playing a game. We aren't always able to accommodate this, but please remember that we only need one parent to work the volunteer shift. 

During the Fall Ball season, families will perform their volunteer shift when their team plays at Miller Park

Volunteer Opportunities

The most common opportunities performed by families to complete their 12 hour volunteer assignments are:

  • Concession Sales
    • indoor and outdoor concessions
    • weekday, or weekend (tournament) assignments
  • Field Maintenance
    • grooming, raking and/or chalking fields between tournament games

Tournament assignments are likely spread over different days of the same tournament, and may possibly include shifts in another tournament on another date.

2017 Tournament Schedule (Miller Park)

Dates and names of Tournaments, and the teams that should expect volunteer assignments during such tournaments.

Dates Tournament
8U, 10U non-Black, non-Red, 12U non-Black, non-Red
May 12-14 23rd Annual EP Invitational AA/AAA (EP baseball)
June 2-4 EP Invitational A (EP baseball)
July 21-23 Tournament TBD (EP Baseball)
July 27-30 NAFA 14U National Tournament
10U Black and Red
June 23-25 Big League League 10U State Qualifier
12U Black and Red
July 7-9 Minnesota Softball 12U State Tournament
familes unable to work the above dates may be scheduled for these tournaments
July 27-30 NAFA 14U National Tournament
August 3-6 State All-Stars Tournament

Volunteering Process and "Opt-Out"

To ensure families perform their volunteer assignment, families will write a check (payable to the EP Fastpitch Association) at the time their daughters pick up their uniforms. These are held throughout the season. In the event that the volunteer assignment is not fulfilled, the checks are cashed. 

At the time of registration, families have an opportunity to "Opt Out" of their volunteer assignment by providing a payment of $200.