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We'll post the most frequently asked questions on this page.


Q: When are practices?

​A: Unfortunately, this isn't an easy answer. Coaches for our teams are all volunteers, so head coaches are likely to plan practices according to their availability. Historically, teams practice during weekday evenings, one, two or three times weekly (depending on the competitiveness of the team); teams have been known to start at 5:30 or 6:00 pm; and teams have been known to end at 7:30 or 8:00 pm

Q: When are regular season games?

A: Historically:

  • 8U games are on Wednesdays. They play a single game in the evening while school is in session, and then play double-header games once school lets out.
  • 10U games are on Tuesdays. They play a double-header every week during the season (early May through end of June). 
  • 12U games are on Mondays. Because many of the second-year 12s play on a high school team, many 12U teams won't play regular season games until the high school season has concluded (third week of May), and then "double up" to make up for lost games, playing Mondays *and* Wednesdays until the end of June. 

Q: How long is the spring/summer softball season?

A: Mostly, the softball season begins in mid-April and concludes at the end of June. 

  • April: Team practices begin 
  • MayRegular season games start
  • June: The 10U/12U regular season concludes with a tournament, the "State Qualifier" (end of June)
    • 10U/12U teams without a win during the State Qualifier will end their summer softball season
  • ​July: 
    • The 8U regular season concludes with the "State Tournament" (early July)
    • The 10U/12U summer softball season will continue for teams that win (at least one game) during the State Qualifier, earning a berth to play in the State Tournament (early July)
  • Teams without a mid-season tournament win will end their summer softball season at the conclusion of the State Tournament..
  • Teams which have won a mid-season tournament will have earned a berth to a National Tournament (end of July). Nationals berths can be achieved even if a team didn't win the State Qualifier and/or the State Tournament. 
    • ​The summer softball season definitely ends after competing at Nationals. 

Q: My daughter is X years old (or in Y grade), do you have anything available for her?

A: Softball age groups are separated by birth year, not by school grade. In 2023, we provide fastpitch softball options for:

  • 6U (6 and under): girls born in the years 2017 and 2018
  • 8U: girls born in the years 2015 and 2016
  • 10U: girls born in the years 2013 and 2014
  • 12U: girls born in the years 2011 and 2012


epfastpitch.com website FAQ

Q: Another parent needs access to the epfastpitch.com website. Could you add them?

A: Parents and guardians must edit their profiles for others to gain access to the website.

  1. Sign in to the epfastpitch.com website
  2. Beneath the "Families" title bar, click the green [Add Guardian] button
    • ​Note: If the page after logging in isn't titled "Families", then click "My Account" at the very top of the webpage

  3.  Add profile information for the other parent

  4. Create a temporary password for them to use

  5. Ensure that the Rights and Type dropdowns (near the bottom) are set for
    • Full Rights
    • Guardian
  6. Click [Submit] at the bottom when the information is complete

  7. The other parent can now log into the epfastpitch.com website on their own, using the email address and password from the profile you created for them in Step 2. It is encouraged that the other parent change their password.

Q: How do I add a picture for my daughter on the Team Roster page?


  1. Sign in to the epfastpitch.com website
  2. Click the "Teams" tab on the main bar under the EP Fastpitch.com banner (no need to "choose a team-> X year-> Y age group-> Z team). This will take you directly to your team page
  3. Click "Roster" on the left navigation menu
    • Click the orange [Edit] button beneath your daughter's name, take you to her profile page
    • Click on the "pencil" icon at the bottom left corner where the profile picture is blank to add a picture for your daughter's profile page
      • Using a 250x250 resolution photo produces the best results
    • Click [Submit] at the bottom to complete the change to the profile