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Fall Ball Schedule 101

MN Softball determines the Fall Ball schedule and the opponent and locations that teams play. During the first week of games, teams will be matched based on the pre-season rank given to MN Softball by their respective "softball assocation director". Beginning Week 2 and in subsequent weeks, based on the reported scores, MN Softball will re-rank teams and then match teams of similar record (with a pre-season rank partially factored in) to build the next week's schedule. This is in an effort to provide parity to softball skill so 1-5 teams aren't matched against 6-0 teams, and 2-2 teams (preseason rank 10) aren't matched against 2-2 teams (preseason rank 2).

The MN Softball Fall Ball home page is: https://fastpitch.mnsoftball.com/fallball

Navigate to the home page of your age group and "Bookmark" that page in your browser so you can return to it frequently. The Fall Ball schedule will be posted into the respective 8U/10U/12U home page. Find your team (in your browser, a Ctrl+F is the search function; look for "EP" or "Eden Prairie") in the top half of the webpage and notate your team number. Do a search (Ctrl+F) for your team number to find your schedule. It will look like:

This will show you where what park your game is scheduled, what field and what time your games are. Scroll back up in the webpage to find the team name.

Once your games are determined, insert them into your team's schedule on the MN Softball website. Follow the tutorial found in the epfastpitch.com website on how to enter games into your schedule:

  • epfastpitch.com-> 2020 EP Fastpitch-> Hey Coach-> MN Softball/Big West websites

Check the 8U/10U/12U home pages weekly for your schedule; don't rely on other coaches to add your games for you (because you are their opponent). If the schedule changes and they have a new opponent, your game will disappear and you'd never know it. Also, you need to have games loaded into your team schedule on the MN Softball website so you have a place to log the score after the game. Timely score reporting is important so that MN Softball officials can re-rank your team prior to making the schedule for the next weekend's games.

JUST when you think you're done, now you have to add your games to your team's schedule on the epfastpitch.com website. The epfastpitch website is a communication tool during Fall Ball; so it must mirror the information found on the MN Softball website to make them aware of event changes.

MN Softball will try to post the schedule for the next weekend's games on TUE/WED but they have until FRI afternoon to make changes. Check the Fall Ball schedule regularly through the week for any changes. In the past, there were coaches who have failed to do so, and ended up at the wrong park at the wrong time. Those games are forfeit and are logged as a 0-7 loss (failure to show up for a game). If mid-week changes were made, make sure they are edited on your team page on the MN Softball website, and reflect those changes into the epfastpitch.com website. 

The Fall Ball schedule (both on the MN Softball website and the epfastpitch.com website) is the responsibility of all coaches; the more important one is the MN Softball website, as you must have a game on your MN Softball website team schedule, so you can report scores for that game.