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Eden Prairie, MN
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Hello families of 6U players!

We are proud to offer softball for this age group for the second year now! This age division will be an introduction to fastpitch with modified rules and tons of fun.

Here are some details that should help you understand how this season will flow and also get a better understanding of what to expect:

  • Registration fee of $100/player

  • Birth years: 2016, 2017

  • Up to two events/week (evening): starting off with one-two practices and then moving to one practice and/or one-two games/week

  • Coach pitch and hitting-t will be utilized; 11” softie for ball

  • Uniform t-shirt and visor provided

  • Season will begin late April/early May through the end of June at local fields in Eden Prairie and surrounding communities

  • For the 2023 summer 6U softball season, we will be participating in the 3CV 6U league again (Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria), so we have opponents other than Eden Prairie to play against. Light traveling will be required.

  • Parent coaches needed (will indicate interest at the time of registration and be further contacted about the role). 

    • Association will assist/train as needed – we are HERE TO HELP!

    • Everyone is welcome to get involved!

  • Some players may still be eligible to participate in our Rookie Camp in June (birthdate between 01/01/2017 and 10/31/2019). 

  • Team store link is in the works! Links to suggested softball equipment, etc. for these youngest players

  • Each player should have their own glove, fielding mask, black softball pants, and helmet (help is available for these items if needed).

  • Bats, a limited number of batting helmets and catcher’s equipment will be provided by the association​.


Please help us spread the word about this program as well! Last year was a great success and we look forward to more development this year!

Ashley Gorman

6U/Rookie Camp Director EPFA Program Director

For the 2023 summer 6U softball season, we will be playing in the 3CV 6U league (Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria), so we have opponents other than Eden Prairie to play against. 


  1. All players will be given an opportunity to play each game.

  2. Sportsmanship will be promoted at all times.

  3. This league is a coach-pitch league with an emphasis on teaching the players the fundamentals of softball.

  4. Nights of play: possibly Monday and Wednesday (will be decided in early May)

  5. Game start time: Game start times will be 6:00 pm and 7:15 pm.

    • Game length: Maximum of 7 innings or up to 1 hour 

  6. Year End Jamboree first week of July in Chanhassen.

  7. Bat through the roster whether playing defense or not. All players play equally and will experience every defensive position at least once during the year. All players will play at least 2 innings on defense. Suggestion is to have your batting lineup with different starting batters (exp is after the 1st game the top 4 players go to the bottom the next game and then and continue that all year.)

  8. Equipment:

    • ​Helmets with Face guards and Chin straps

    • Catcher: Helmet with Mask, chest protector, Shin Guards,

    • Tennis shoes or rubber spikes

    • Team T-Shirt with Number

    • 11” soft-sided Dudley Ball

  9. Players

    • ​Game can be played with 6 players

    • After the line-up is turned in any new players coming in go at the bottom of the list

    • Can play with more than 10 players but only 6 can play the infield. The rest of the players have to be at least 10’ behind the base path.

  10. Rain or Lightning

    • ​​Games must be SUSPENDED and all teams must leave the field immediately if lightning is witnessed. When considering resumption of an athletic activity, the teams must wait at least 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder before returning to the field or activity.

    • A game may be temporarily suspended if rain is intermittent.

    • In the case of continuous rain, a game is considered complete regardless of the number of innings played.

  11. ​In all Coach Pitch games, a half-inning will end when any of the following occurs:

    • ​​​The batting team scores four runs in that half-inning

    • The defensive team records three outs

    • The batting team has batted ten batters

    • Pitching Circle

      • The mound plate is at 35’. The pitching circle is 8’ from the center of the pitching mound. If no mound, measure out 35’ from the back of home plate. The pitching pitcher can be outside the circle, but the fielding pitcher should be in the pitching circle.

  12. At Bat:

    • ​​A batter is limited to a maximum of seven (7) pitches before the ‘T’ is brought out. The batter will then get 3 swings with the ‘T’. for a total of 10 attempts. If not hit, the batter is out.

    • The batter gets an extra pitch if she fouls the 7th pitch, or all subsequent pitches that are fouled

      • NOTE: A foul ball that is legally caught by a fielder will be counted as an out. The batter is out.

    • Each team will bat until 3 outs are made or 4 runs are scored.

    • A batter may not run on a dropped 3rd strike.

    • The Infield Fly Rule does not apply.

  13. ​Bunting is not allowed.

  14. All team members of the team at bat must remain behind the dugout screen or fence except the batter and the on-deck batter who must remain in the on-deck circle until it is her time to bat. (The on-deck batter will remain on the BACK SIDE of the batter within a safe distance)

  15. After hitting the ball or in attempting to do so, the batter will not be allowed to throw or toss the bat, intentionally or unintentionally, in any manner

  16. If a bat or helmet is thrown more than 10 feet, the batter will be called out after one warning. No runners will advance.

    • ​​A player who throws her bat will be out.

    • The ball will be dead.

    • All base runners will return to the base last touched at the time of the pitch.

  17. Leading off and stealing are not allowed. No stealing, no coming home on a passed ball or wild pitch. One base advancement only on any overthrow.

  18. Defensive Play

    • ​​The coach/parent who is pitching to his own batters shall be designated as the pitching pitcher. The defensive player who assumes the role as a fielder will be called the fielding pitcher.

    • The pitching pitcher must not make any deliberate attempt to field or interfere with a batted ball.

    • A batted ball that strikes the pitching pitcher (or the container of balls at the mound), will be considered live and in play, and should be played as any other batted ball.

    • Every defensive half-inning, all players who did not participate defensively in the previous half-inning MUST enter the game the next inning.

    • No player may play the same infield position. Alternate between infield/outfield

    • Coaches are highly encouraged to develop a player-rotation system for the entire season based on the roster. See rule 5 for an example.

    • The defensive team will provide a coach to back-up the catcher.
  19. All head coaches and assistant coaches are required to complete Concussion Training prior to coaching any practices or games.

  20. We will attach the NOAA guide for when we will cancel games. 95 degrees will be the cut off.