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Player and Parent Expectations for Tryouts and Registration (Feb 28, 2022)
To: All Parents and Players
From: EPFA Board
Subject: Player and Parent Expectations for Evaluations and Registration

This memo is intended to define the expectations of all parents and players for the 2022 Eden Prairie Fastpitch Association Spring/Summer season.

Here is what to expect when you arrive…

  1. Check in at the table. Once you are checked in, you can put on your participant number and enter the gym.
  2. You will need to identify if you are wanting to be considered for Pitching or Catching
  3. Once inside the gym, you will be split up into smaller groups to work your way around the circuit of drill stations. These are the same ones that we practiced during our pre-eval sessions if you attended those.
  4. Once you have completed all the skill stations you are free to meet up with your parents. (If you are a pitcher or catcher, there will be a few more specialty assessments for you before you can leave.

Here is what to expect when you arrive…

  1. Make sure that your player is checked in at the table. Please double check the correct spelling of your player.
  2. You will need to identify your players top three jersey numbers for consideration and let the front table know your selection.
  3. Jersey sizing charts will be available for you so that we can get the best fit for your player.
  4. Parents/Guardians are not permitted inside the Activity Center when your player is evaluating. Sorry. This process is stressful enough without parental oversight.

Skills Stations:
There will be an evaluator and helper at each station. Please give them your NUMBER when asked and be ready to start the drill. These will all be reviewed with you at each station.

  1. Infield: You will have a series of (6) ground balls hit/thrown for you to field. Once you have fielded the ball, you will be asked to throw the ball across the floor to a high school helper. You will be evaluated on your footwork, arm strength/throwing control, accuracy, and overall fielding mechanics.
  2. Outfield: You will have a series of flyballs hit/thrown for you to field. Once you have fielded the ball, you will throw the ball back across the gym floor to a high school helper. You will be evaluated on your depth perception, flyball mechanics, arm strength/throwing control, accuracy, and overall fielding mechanics.
  3. Throwing and Receiving: You will be evaluated on your overall hands and glove work. Throwing accuracy, and overall control of the ball.
  4. Hitting: You will be asked to both bunt and swing at a series of pitches from a pitching machine (10U/12U) or coach pitch (8U). You will be evaluated on your approach(how you stand at home plate), confidence, and your overall success in bunting/hitting.

If you want to be considered as a pitcher or catcher for your prospective teams, please evaluate! All teams will have pitchers and catchers! If numbers allow, teams will field a minimum of 3 pitchers and 2 catchers.

If a pitcher/catcher wants to be considered for the specialty position(s) and scores below the top 3 pitchers or top 2 catchers, then their overall score will be considered for placement. Example: Your player is the #4 overall pitcher, but they scored high enough to qualify for the top team. A conversation will be had with the parents and the team selection committee on options. Your player will be able to be the #1 pitcher on the other team and get a lot of pitching experience, or they can be added to the team as the 4th pitcher and general player with no guarantee of equal pitching time. The choice is yours. The same is true for catchers. Regardless of your decision, please encourage your player to continue participating in the various skills clinics and practices that the association provides throughout the year.

Pitchers: A High School Helper will be provided to catch for your pitcher.

  1. You will be given the opportunity to “warm up” your arm and then begin the assessment.
  2. Accuracy will be assessed as you attempt to hit the 4 different corners of the strike zone
  3. Pitching speed and mechanics will be assessed via observation and speed device.
  4. Different pitches that can be thrown successfully. Doesn’t matter how many pitches you can throw if you are not accurate. Emphasis is on Accuracy and Speed.


  1. You will be given an opportunity to “warm up” and then begin your assessment.
  2. You will be assessed on your overall mechanics while receiving the ball.
  3. Ability to block low balls and quickness of resetting will also be assessed.
  4. Mechanics and quickness for defending stolen bases by throwing out potential runners.

* ALL players MUST be evaluated! If your player is unable to attend either the March 6 or March 13 dates, please let us know immediately. Your players scores are an important piece of the overall team selection process.
**All communication of results will occur via the EPFA website and welcome emails from the respective coaches. Teams will be announced the week of March 28th. This allows for ample selection time and for all players and coaches to return from Eden Prairie’s Spring Break.
***All Players that evaluate, will be placed on a team based on their cumulative evaluations. No players will be cut!